Project Uden

TPSolar is developing and building a solar park at Hoogveld-Zuid just outside the town of Uden. The municipality of Uden and TPSolar signed the corresponding agreement on May 31st, 2016. The national government awarded SDE+ subsidy for this project at the end of the year 2016.


“The municipality of Uden aims to be energy-neutral by the year 2035”, explains alderman Matthie van Merwerode, responsible for Durability & Environment. “We want our total energy consumption to be covered by green energy generated in our own municipality.”



The solar park is one of the main initiatives that contribute to the goal of an energy-neutral Uden. At Hoogveld-Zuid roughly 43,000 solar PV modules will be installed on approximately 14 hectares of land. 50% of the land is rented from the municipality, the other 50% was obtained from private landowners. Once finished (May 2018) this park will generate an amount of  green energy comparable to the average energy consumption of 3,500 households.