Our approach

TPSolar develops, finances, builds, maintains and operates large-scale solar parks in the Netherlands. We aim to develop solar parks in close consultation with landowners, surrounding residents, municipalities, provinces, and energy cooperatives.

Project development

TPSolar develops land and water-based solar parks of 3 MW (3,000 kWp). We design, finance, and build these projects, in cooperation with stakeholders like landowners, farmers, local governments, and residents. We highly value collaboration with local businesses and achieving local involvement.

Construction phase

Because of our collaboration with experienced and highly qualified subcontractors, TPSolar offers a turn-key solution for all our projects. From planning to project management and quality assurance throughout every step of the construction process. We are fully independent of suppliers and can, therefore, use our long-term experience to choose state-of-the-art components that best suit every individual project’s requirements.

Financing and operation

TPSolar provides a tailor-made financing solution for every single solar PV project. We also invest our equity, individually as well as in partnership with other investors. From the moment a park is fully functional, we provide lifetime commercial and technical operation, and maintenance.

Social acceptability

We believe that it is very important to listen to the wishes of the surrounding residents. We would like to disturb residents as little as possible. Therefore, TPSolar is in regular contact with local stakeholders so that they can discuss and swap ideas about the final implementation of the solar park. In addition, we offer participation opportunities in order for people to benefit from the returns of the solar park. This will be carried out in close consultation with the municipality.