Construction phase starts in Dordrecht

On Monday, October 1, TPSolar started to place 22,000 solar panels at the landfill of Transberg in Dordrecht. The solar park is located next to the river Dordtsche Kil, field size is 10 hectares and panels with 72 solar cells are used. The solar park in the province South Holland will be completed before the end of 2018 and it will generate 7.5 MW. The amount of green energy which is generated is comparable to the average energy consumption of 2,100 households.

Hot and woolly start of ‘Solar Park Hoogveld Uden’

On Wednesday July 4, the team of TPSolar opened the largest solar park in the province Noord-Brabant, it is located next to Volkel military airport. René Hendriks and Erik Wieffer, both owners of TPSolar officially opened the solar park together with alderman of the municipality of Uden, Franko van Lankvelt, and shepherd Dirk Geenen. The solar park is called ‘Solar Park Hoogveld Uden’. It has a double function: firstly, it generates sustainable energy from the sun, and secondly, the remaining land covered with grass or other herbage is grazed by 150 sheep. Furthermore, the solar park consists of 43,000 solar panels on 12.4 hectares of land. Thanks to the cooperation with Powerpeers, the Nuon-Vattenfall subsidiary, TPSolar provides 3,500 households with green electricity in the region of Uden. Finally, at the opening party, the artist Genoveef Lukassen from Uden unveiled a small-scale model of the artwork that will be placed next to the solar park at the roundabout. In a number of weeks, TPSolar will start with the second solar park on a former landfill in Dordrecht. Source: Brabants Dagblad.

Subsidy (SDE+) is awarded for project Lochem

On Wednesday March 14, TPSolar received confirmation from the RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) which means the subsidy is awarded for the third solar park in Lochem. The solar project in the province of Gelderland covers an area of approximately 11 ha and a capacity of 8,5 MWp. The solar park of approximately 25,000 solar PV modules will be built on the former landfill of Lochem. In the course of 2019, the solar park will generate green electricity for the equivalent of 2,400 households in Lochem.


The construction phase starts in Uden

On Monday March 12, Rene Hendriks & Erik Wieffer (management of TPSolar) officially launched construction work of Solar Park Hoogveld-Zuid located close to Uden, in the presence of Mrs. Spierings (delegate of the province of Noord-Brabant) and Mr. van Merwerode (alderman for the municipality of Uden). TPSolar will built this solar park and will be currently the biggest in Noord-Brabant by providing 3,500 households with green electricity. The solar park is expected to be completed in May 2018. The community of Uden can use the green electricity of the solar park because of the collaboration between TPSolar and Powerpeers.

Nuon-Vattenfall purchases solar energy from the solar park Uden

On Monday February 19, the energy company Nuon as an integral part of Vattenfall has signed agreements with 3 solar parks in the Netherlands for the purchase of green energy via so-called Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). The solar park in Uden is one of them.

Vattenfall has the ambition to build a portfolio of PPAs. The Dutch Vattenfall subsidiary Powerpeers is involved in the solar park in Uden. The park generates solar energy which can be shared via the Powerpeers platform, after that the community of Uden can use the generated green energy. This project was realized by TPSolar-Konzept in close collaboration with the municipality of Uden. Approximately 43,000 solar PV are installed with a total capacity of 12-Megawatt peak (MWp).