Transberg (landfill)

Solar park Transberg has been realized by TPSolar on the former landfill in the municipality of Dordrecht. The construction started in mid-September 2018 and was finished in December 2018. However, the connection to the grid was delayed. The solar park has been operational since April 2019. The former landfill is located along the Rijksstraatweg and is in close range of the highway A16. The river Dordste Kil is located on the west side of the plan area.

From landfill to solar park
The transformation from a landfill to a solar park is important to emphasize. The Transberg served as a landfill for the domestic and industrial waste of the region Rijnmond until the ‘80s. The waste is covered with foil, a waterproof clay layer, and half a meter of clean sand. The former landfill was cleaned up between 2004 and 2007. Afterwards, the Transberg was a meadow with a few monitoring wells. The soil and groundwater are monitored through these wells. A drainage system and a dam wall help prevent the distribution of pollution. The contaminated soil seemed to be unusable, but it turned out to be a suitable location for a solar park. In this way, the soil gets a double function and is used optimally.

The solar park consists of 22.000 solar panels that generate 7,5-megawatt peak of electricity, which is the average consumption of 2.100 households. Solar park Transberg is the first large-scale solar park in the municipality of Dordrecht.

From left: Erik Wieffer (TPSolar) and R. van der Linden (Alderman Dordrecht)

Approximately 100 sheep graze at the solar park for about seven months a year. The distance between the rows, the angle, and the height of the solar panels ensure enough space for the grazing. The sheep function as natural mowers. Because of this periodical grazing, flowers have the chance to get and drop their seed. As a consequence, a rich diversity of flora develops and the solar park becomes an appealing insect habitat for, for example, bees. So besides the production of solar energy, nature-development also occurs in the solar park.


TPSolar attaches great value to the preferences of the local residents. An example of participation can be seen in one of the neighbors participating in the maintenance of the solar park. In addition, local residents can consume the green energy of the solar park through the platform of Powerpeers.

SDE+ Subsidy
The SDE+ Subsidy is necessary when realizing a solar park in the Netherlands. In the spring of 2017, TPSolar received the SDE+ subsidy for solar park Transberg.

Solar park Transberg is officially opened on the 24th of April 2019. Alderman Rik van der Linden, responsible for sustainability, has opened the solar park together with Erik Wieffer of TPSolar. They symbolically disposed of the last garbage and swapped it for a solar panel.