TPSolar has developed a solar park on circa 11 hectares available space on an agricultural parcel at Lungendonk 22 Lierop, in the municipality of Someren.

The planned location is located inside an old-heather excavation space and fits within the established search area for solar parks. The parcel is currently in use as arable land. On the west side, the Lungendonk is located.

The policy of the municipality of Someren states that a minimum of 10% of the parcel needs to be deployed for landscaping. The focus of the landscaping lies on the west side, where a broad and natural green zone will be designed between the houses and the solar park, with a wet-zone. In addition, a flowery lane will be planted that will run from east to west over the terrain. In total, it has a green surface area of circa 2,5 hectares and thus meets the requirements of the municipality. The rest of the area will be arranged with circa 24.000 solar panels which generate almost 12 MWp (sufficient for 3.300 households).

TPSolar will deposit € 0,50 per generated MWh into the sustainability fund of Someren during the exploitation period of the park. Moreover, the sun on roof projects of the municipality and the residents are being financially supported and they cooperate with the local energy cooperation ZummerePower.