The municipality of Zeewolde wants to gain experience in solar parks on agricultural land, especially with different formats of solar parks. Initially, 25 hectares of agricultural land had been designated for solar parks. This is circa 0,15 percent of the total agricultural land of Zeewolde. Three pilot projects were chosen (small, medium, and large). Solar park initiative Bloesemlaan 5 won in the medium category.

Solar park Bloesemlaan 5 covers circa 7 hectares and will generate approximately 8,5 MWp. This is similar to the consumption of 2.300 average Dutch households. The solar park will be realised on a fruit farm.

Apples and pears
On the property of 19 hectares, the fruit farm grows 12 hectares of pears and 6 hectares of apples. For several years, it is very difficult to get a return on the sale of apples for the owners.  This is the reason why they cannot ask regular prices for their harvest. In addition, the apple trees are at the end of their lives.  A section of the trees has been uprooted and the other part will be uprooted at the start of the construction of the solar park. This project creates a continuity of the landowners’ fruit farm and lets them further build their future.

Design of the solar park
The intended solar park will be at three sides surrounded by a pruned conifer hedge. Between the Bloesemlaan and the planned location are pear trees and because of these, the planned location won’t be visible from the public road. Parallel to the canal, the southern border of the plan area, a new hedge, and a row of apple trees will be planted. Therefore, the direct vision on the panels will be avoided. The intention is to structure the space, under the high-voltage cables and besides the edges of the planned area, in such a way that through the planting of flowers and beehills/ hotels, it contributes to nature and biodiversity.

TPSolar offers different ways for residents of Zeewolde and local companies to profit from the intended solar park. TPSolar takes inventory of the local companies and initiatives that could contribute to the construction, control, and/ or maintenance of the solar park.

Residents living in the immediate vicinity can make use of the electricity, while TPSolar will take care of the first years’ energy bill. Moreover, residents of Zeewolde can participate financially and help TPSolar with establishing an area fund in support of speeding the local energy transition up.