Armhoede (landfill)

Solar park Armhoede has been realised by TPSolar at a former landfill in Lochem. The construction started in September 2019 and has reached completion in December 2019 . The solar park is set to open in summer 2020. This is TPSolar’s second landfill project, their first landfill solar park is located at Transberg in Dordrecht.

Building a solar park on a former landfill is a complicated process.  First of all, the landfill is covered with a few layers to prevent pollution of the environment. These layers have to remain intact, both before and after the construction. Several pipelines have been placed on and under the covering layers to drain landfill gas and rainwater, do periodic measurements, and to clean the pipelines. These facilities have to stay accessible and functional at all times. Furthermore, Armhoede is a ‘waste dump’, that sticks out 25 meters above the surrounding landscape. The technical challenge was to place the solar panels on the steep slope without them sliding off. The challenge concerning the neighbourhood was to place the greenery in a specific way in which it would not obstruct the neighbour’s view. An additional challenge was the high-voltage line from TenneT, TPSolar had to meet strict rules for placing solar panels under the line.



The solar park consists of 23.000 panels and will generate 8,9-megawatt peak, which is comparable to the yearly energy consumption of  2.500 households. Solar park Armhoede is the first large-scale solar park in the municipality of Lochem.

TPSolar attaches great value to the preferences of the local residents. They are informed at information evenings and are involved in the design and construction of the solar park. There has been, at the request of the neighborhood, extra investment in greenery, and TPSolar has been almost transparent about the preliminary examination and safety. Both the local residents and the companies located in Lochem have the opportunity to profit from the solar park through participation.

SDE+ Subsidy
TPSolar has received the SDE+ subsidy for solar park Armhoede in the spring of 2018. Because of the complexity of this project described above, the preparation time has taken one and a half years before the construction could start.