Disposal of solar panels and converters at the end of their durability.

Since February 2014, the AEEA legislation is also in effect for solar panels. Because of this, other parties who bring solar panels to the Dutch market have become responsible for the collection and processing of these products at the end of their durability.

To meet the obligation of environmentally friendly recycling of solar energy products, TPSolar has become a member of Stichting Zonne-energie Recycling Nederland (ZRN, English: Solar Energy Recycling Netherlands foundation). The foundation was founded for and by the branch, with support of Holland Solar.

Solar Energy Recycling Netherlands foundation shall ensure that broken solar panels will be removed and all left over processed materials can be used to create raw materials for new panels.

Selection policy to choose suppliers

TPSolar has chosen a supplier of solar panels that scores high on the Solar Scorecard, an award system established by the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC). This assesses each manufacturer on numerous sustainability aspects, such as participating in a system of recycling, increasing transparency regarding emissions during production, providing good working conditions, using no toxic heavy metals, saving of potable water, and due diligence to check to see that tin used in PV manufacturing does not contain ‘conflict minerals’.

Support for Oxfam Novib

TPSolar is supporting Oxfam Novib through micro-finance as a tool for poverty reduction. Oxfam Novib supports small-medium sized enterprises in Africa and Asia to live up their potential, and they support them directly with growth finance (loans and equity) and business development services (training, market linkages, etc.). In this way, we invest in many entrepreneurs around the world to enable them to build a sustainable livelihood and to contribute to the ‘Global Goals for Sustainable Development’.