TPSolar places 22 large bee hotels in solar parks

The Dutch wild bees need all the help they can get. Half of the 358 species are endangered, while the wild bees are essential for biodiversity and the general ecological health. TPSolar is strongly committed to helping the native wild bees. Besides generating renewable energy, the creation of habitats for pollinators is a standard part of all our solar parks.

A successful habitat for bees and other pollinators offers not only a varied food supply but also sufficient opportunities for bees to find shelter, winter and reproduce. We plant large strips of flowery grassland and flourishing thicket on our solar parks where not only bees but also butterflies and other pollinators can make use of. In addition, TPSolar has produced the first 40 self-developed bee hotels by the timber processor Woodmill. The first 22 hotels will be placed in the coming weeks in our solar parks in Uden, Dordrecht, and Lochem.

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Collaboration between TPSolar en Woodmill for production bee hotels

Solar park Hoogveld Zuid Uden, June 2020

Uden werkbezoek 20-05

Solar park Hoogveld Zuid Uden, May 2020

Bijenhotel op Armhoede 2

Solar park Armhoede in Lochem, June 2020