TPSolar contributes to 16,5-kilometers of ‘sunflower string’ in Lochem

200 citizens and farmers have participated in a crowdfunding action together with 8 companies for a 16,5-kilometer sunflower string in Lochem. TPSolar is one of the main sponsors of the initiative.

Every solar park initiative is different and with every project, there are multiple participation possibilities. For our solar park initiative in Berkelweide, we chose amongst others to support the local initiative ‘sunflower string’ financially. With this initiative, 30 farmers in Lochem are able to help the biodiversity by planting this string of sunflowers next to their cornfields.

The Sunflower string is placed under the responsibility of the agricultural preservation association ‘t Onderholt and it intends to sow dozens of kilometers of sunflowers around the cornfields in the municipality of Lochem. Ecological research shows that sunflower strings do not only add value to bees and other pollinators, but it also adds value to the biodiversity of the area.

You can contribute to this initiative, the crowdfunding action for 2021 is unlocked for a new string of sunflowers by the municipalities of Lochem and Bronckhorst. For more information about this sunflower string, see the website:

For more information about the crowdfunding action of 2020, see


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