Two chosen initiatives of TPSolar in Beuningen

The municipality of Beuningen aims to be energy neutral in twenty years. This means that the municipality generates as much energy as it consumes. In order to meet this target, the municipality has decided that several developments need to happen, including the construction of a solar park. The city council decided in April 2019 that there is space in the Kommengebied for 40 hectares of solar parks. To ensure that the process took place thoroughly, the municipality issued a tender where companies and organisations could enroll their solar park-initiative of a maximum of 10 hectares. The municipality has chosen 4 initiatives that get the opportunity to develop a solar park.

Ten initiatives were submitted in total, of which the municipality has chosen the four ‘best ones’. A five-strong jury, consisting of experts with expertise in the spatial development and officials from the municipality, has assessed the submitted initiatives. They chose the plans that most closely met the criteria of the municipality in, for example, terms of landscaping, added social value, and ecology. Two initiatives of TPSolar are eventually chosen by the committee: Ficarystraat and Schoenaker.

Solar park Ficarystraat
Solar park initiative Ficarystraat provides scope for about 25.000 solar panels, which generate 11MWp electricity. This is similar to the consumption of about 3.200 households.  The solar park has been fit in the landscape and it carefully takes the surrounding area into account. Moreover, there will be planted vegetation to create a habitat for bees, insects, and specific birds.

Solar park Schoenaker
Solar park initiative Schoenaker consists of about 4.000 solar panels and will generate  10,5 MWp electricity.  This is similar to the consumption of about 3.000 households. This initiative is also carefully fitted into the landscape and it takes the surrounding area into account. In addition, TPSolar has planned to work together with a local artist to create a piece of art that will be located at the northside of the park.

We are going to contact the municipality in the coming period and we will make the plan more complete while keeping the surrounding area up to date.  Would you like to be kept informed about our initiatives? Please send an email to

Overview of the two projects

Artist impression solar park Schoenaker