Environmental permit for solar park Lungendonk

The municipality of Someren has granted an environmental permit to TPSolar for a solar park on a parcel located at the Lungendonk in Lierop. The solar park initiative can provide 23.500 panels, which generate 12 MWp electricity. This is similar to the consumption of about 3.300 households.

Objectives municipality Someren
The Dutch energy transition and climate change are important social topics for the municipality of Someren. For Someren to become energy neutral in 2050, they will pursue land-based solar parks in the (agricultural) outlying area. The planned solar park at the Lungendonk will contribute to the objectives of Someren. The plan area was once qualified as a possible expansion area for house construction but this has been canceled in the current structural concept of the municipality of Someren.

A design plan is made which takes into account the wishes of residents, the municipality, the water board and the existing features of the landscape. The starting point of integrating a land-based solar park is respecting the existing landscape. This means that the existing structures are kept in place as best as possible. That’s why TPSolar chooses different kinds of plants that fit into the environment and types that contribute to biodiversity. The design has inserted a hectare of ‘wet nature’ and a so-called ‘bird bush’. Moreover, there are several passages in the fencing for small game and sheep will be grazing a few months in the year.

Opportunities for enhancing biodiversity
Sowing flowers and greenery benefits the environment of insects and pollinators. There will be several bee- and insect hotels alongside the borders of the solar park, as well as bee-hills and branch hedges which will offer shelter to amphibians and butterflies during the winter. Broad thickets provide food (flowers and berries), shelter and protection to insects, birds and small mammals. Thickets are also important for rest-, overwinter- and reproduction purposes and contribute heavily to biodiversity.

TPSolar will deposit  € 0,50 per MWh to the sustainability fund of Someren every year during the exploitation period of the solar park. TPSolar also offers different opportunities to the residents and companies around Someren to profit from the planned solar park Lungendonk. They can participate financially, but TPSolar also supports sun-on-roof projects in the municipality. TPSolar also takes stock of which local parties and initiatives could contribute to the construction, management and/ or maintenance of the solar park. Moreover, TPSolar is going to work together with an energy company that offers a platform where local customers could consume electricity from local producers, such as the solar park.

Design of solar park Lungendonk ©LabelTien

Bee in our solar park in Uden