Environmental permit for solar park ‘Vluchtoord Uden’

The municipality of Uden has granted an environmental permit to TPSolar for a solar park on a closed landfill at the Vluchtoordweg. The solar park initiative can provide 14.000 panels, which generate 6,9 MWp electricity. This is similar to the consumption of about 1.900 households.

Second solar park of TPSolar in Uden.
It is the second solar park of TPSolar in the municipality of Uden. They realised solar park Hoogveld in 2018, which generates with 43.000 panels electricity for about 3.500 households. Both solar parks contribute significantly to the ambition of Uden to become energy-neutral in 2035.

Third solar park on a former landfill
The landfill on the Vluchtoordweg was covered up 10 years ago. On one of the sides of the 18-meter high hill, a ski and snowboard association is located. On the other 9 hectares, permission was granted to place solar panels. Building a solar park on a former landfill is a complicated process that includes taking many precautions during the construction. Solar park Vluchtoord is already the third landfill-project of TPSolar. We have already built a park on landfill Transberg in Dordrecht in 2018 and in 2019 we finished the construction of our solar park on landfill Armhoede in Lochem.

TPSolar offers different opportunities to the residents and companies in Uden to profit from the planned solar park Vluchtoord. They can participate financially, but TPSolar also supports sun-on-roof projects and works together with the Ski association. TPSolar also takes stock of which local parties and initiatives could contribute to the construction, management, and/ or maintenance of the solar park.

Moreover, TPSolar wants to work together with an energy company that offers a platform where local customers could consume electricity from local producers, such as the solar park.

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