VIDEO: The building of solar park Armhoede Lochem

At the former landfill Armhoede in the municipality of Lochem, a solar park is built by TPSolar. The construction of the 8,9 MW solar park began in September 2019. The building was finished near the end of the year. The solar park will festively open in the spring of 2020.

With approximately 25,000 solar PV modules, solar park Lochem will generate an amount of green energy comparable to the average energy consumption of 2.500 households. Solar park Armhoede is the first large-scale solar park in the municipality of Lochem.

Solar park Armhoede is the second landfill project of TPSolar. A year before Lochem, TPSolar built solar park Transberg at a former landfill in Dordrecht.

Are you curious to see what kind of subjects and challenges pass by during the building of a solar park at a former landfill? See our video about the building of solar park Armhoede Lochem below.