TPSolar official partner of Nederland Zoemt

TPSolar is the first and only solar park provider that becomes a partner of Nederland Zoemt, the overarching platform of action for wild bees. From the start of the construction of our first solar park in Uden, we have been advised by experts of the WUR about the best way to contribute to the ‘native pollinators’ and biodiversity generally. Since then, the creation of habitats, and in particular wild bees habitats, has been a standard procedure in all our parks. But we – unlike many other initiatives – go beyond the planting of flower meadows. It is necessary for a successful contribution that the food supply is diverse (many bee species do not forage on wildflowers but on flowering shrubs), that it offers nesting areas (twigs, clay hills and bee hotels), and that it is aligned to the green management (sinus management, grazing/ pruning áfter the formation of blooms and seeds, sowing/ re-seeding). All these matters are included in our landscape- and management plans. We deal with this in all seriousness, which is among others indeed confirmed by the fact that we designed and manufactured our own bee hotels in large numbers. Next spring, the first 30 bee hotels will be placed in our solar parks

As part of our social responsibility and because of the often-heard call to let social charities benefit from parts of our initiatives’ profit, we also want to contribute to the wild bees outside of our parks. That’s part of why we became a partner of Nederland Zoemt. This partnership does not only mean that we support Nederland Zoemt financially, but it is above all an approach to show our commitment to the case. In this way, we reassure ourselves to acquire more knowledge and establish links with other Dutch-Zoemt-partners, that have appealing initiatives to which we can contribute. We would like to show that solar parks are able to contribute to the nature in the Netherlands.


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