TPSolar supports the code of conduct ‘Sun on Land’.

Collaboration is essential to make the Dutch energy transition work. On the thirteenth of November 2019, 9 parties signed the Gedragscode ‘Zon op Land’ (English: Code of conduct ‘Sun on Land’). One of these parties is Holland Solar, the branch organisation for solar-energy companies in the Netherlands, with whom TPSolar is affiliated. They sign a code of conduct accompanied by the association of local residents of energy projects (NLVOW), Energie Samen (English: Energy Together), Greenpeace, Millieudefensie (English: Friends of the Earth), Nature and Environment, Nature and Environmental federations, Natural monuments, and bird protection. This is the first time that organisations with different interests come together and achieve a code of conduct about sun on land. These organisations together represent more than 2 million Dutch people, 400 energy corporations, 1000 local nature and environmental groups, many residents groups, and 170 companies in the solar-sector.

With this code, all the parties involved acknowledge that sun on land is necessary to achieve the agreed climate goals. They also express their support for the development of large-scale solar-energy projects, if these initiatives are realised according to the code of conduct.

De code consists of three basic principles which are translated to non-statutory rules to which TPSolar and other members of the branch association Holland Solar have to commit themselves. The code includes regulations that secure the involvement of local residents, and that the solar parks offer an added value to natural values, and that original land use is able to return after a while.

TPSolar has had multiple meetings with the branch association that contributed to the establishment of the code of conduct. The established basic principles are not new and are aligned to what we already did with the development of our previous initiatives.

The entire Dutch press article of branch association Holland Solar can be found on: