Benefit from the solar energy of solar park Uden!

We would like to remind you that there is, recently, the possibility to invest in solar park Uden through the so-called ‘ZonneDelen’ (‘SunSharing’, a 25 euro). If you invest in ZonneDelen, you benefit from the generated solar energy of the solar park. You can always join. It doesn’t matter where you live, or which energy provider you use, not even your consumption or ‘the size of the wallet’ matter. The project page on provides you with all the details of the project, extended in the information memorandum, a shortened version in the informational brochure.

Like an investor of solar park Uden once said: going green = doing GOOD!. More than 500 households are participating already while the enrollment has only been open for one week, we’re at 80% right now.

As you may know, there is a lot of focus on the surroundings of solar park Uden and certain arrangements have been made to maintain the surroundings. Special lines of flowers have been created for bees and birds, and the sheep mow the grass under the solar panels. Investments in ZonneDelen can be made on Through this organization, 75 solar-energy projects are already completed and they made a personal dashboard available where you can keep track of the generated solar energy immediately.

All the information about this project can be found on If you would like to participate, be fast to be able to benefit from solar energy because the project will be closed when 100% is reached.

UPDATE: The project is sold out. More than 750.000 euro is collected in only 9 days!